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Straighten Your Smile with Our Anaheim Orthodontist

Dental Care of Anaheim offers both general and specialized dental medicine for our patients, including an orthodontist on-staff. Orthodontics involves the alignment of teeth within the mouth, oftentimes using what are called orthodontic braces. You've most likely seen these before—thin wires that wrap around the teeth with metal brackets to attach to the teeth themselves. Orthodontic aligners have developed greatly over the past few decades, though they still involve a good deal of time and appointments around once a month for adjustment.

However, there's nothing better than seeing your smile straightened and smoothed before your eyes!

Dental Care of Anaheim offers the best dental care around. That's why our doctors are friendly, caring, and happy to explain any of the procedures we offer in-depth to our patients. If you're interested in aligners to help improve your smile—or feel it's time for your child to get started with them—there's no better choice than Dental Care of Anaheim.

Traditional or Clear Braces at Dental Care of Anaheim

Drs. Dholakiya, Chang, Quan, and Soni want to help you look and feel your best when it comes to your smile—which is why we offer both traditional and clear braces for our patients. Clear, removable aligners are a great alternative to traditional metal ones for many of our older patients who don't want their life impeded by large wires and brackets on their teeth. They work similarly to traditional aligners in that they slowly move the teeth, though they do this through removable aligners that are changed about every 6 weeks.

Our option for non-traditional aligners means that you can go about your life normally and get that perfectly straight smile you've been dreaming of, all at the same time. Contact Dental Care of Anaheim today to make an appointment with an orthodontist.

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